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It’s a happy new year indeed!


I Got A Boy Teasers Full Pic


I might be a teensy bit interested in this new album. Maybe. I don’t know. Yeah, maybe. Just a little bi— ffff it, who am I kidding? I’m pretty freakin’ pumped! Happy New Year, indeed.



I love that these girls always seem to do something different with each new song they release. Also, I am of the opinion that their Japanese songs are far better than their Korean songs. Anyone else agree? I’m also not a huge fan of ballads, so that could be the issue, haha.

New Girls’ Generation music? Yes please!


“KPOP for Lovers” mixtape

GD&TOP - High High (Tzechar remix)
GD&TOP - Don’t Go Home vs The Glass - Four Four Letter - Black Van remix (KTDJS edit)
GD&TOP - Don’t Go Home (Glen Check remix)
2NE1 - Can’t Nobody vs Breakbot - Baby I’m Yours (KTDJS edit)
Big Bang - Fantastic vs Lykki Li - I Follow Rivers - The Magician remix (KTDJS edit)
GD&TOP - Oh Yeah vs Sneaky Sound System - When We Were Young - Breakbot remix (KTDJS edit)
2NE1 - I Love You vs Classixx ft. Jeppe - I’ll Get You (KTDJS edit)
Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra vs Santigold - The Keepers - The Knocks remix (KTDJS edit)
2NE1 - I Hate You vs Ryan Paris - Dolce Vida (KTDJS edit)
Big Bang - What Is Right/Stupid Liar vs The Magician - I Don’t Know What To Do (KTDJS edit)
Taeyang ft. Kush - Make Love vs Brandy - Full Moon (KTDJS edit)
Girls Generation - Boys (Love Supreme remix)
GD&TOP - Knock Out (Lam Suet remix)
Wonder Girls - Girlfriend vs Breakbot - Make You Mine (KTDJS edit)
Big Bang - Bad Boy (Epitone & KevinKloud remix)
2NE1 - Lonely vs Sublime - Santeria (KTDJS edit)
Taeyang - Connection vs Justin Timberlake - Senorita (KTDJS edit)
Dynamic Duo x Dumbfoundead x Kero One - Loves Gonna Getcha
Big Bang - Tonight (Love Supreme remix) (KTDJS edit)
Big Bang - Blue (Lam Suet Mature remix)

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching these girls do their thing.

Just straight daggers to the heart. 

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Girls’ Generation “Paparazzi” teaser video

SNSD's Main Choreographies

These gifs delight me to no end.


SNSD Lotte Department Store CF

Not enough Taeyeon.

Fanboying. (Taken with instagram)