We learned yesterday through Lennon Parham & Jessica St. Clair on Twitter that NBC has put their show ‘Best Friends Forever’ on hiatus. Now we know that this particular network likes to do this from time to time with truly excellent shows (coughcommunitycough) and we also know that fan feedback can definitely work. There are a few movements already starting on Twitter () so take to the inter-tubes and give some polite feedback to NBC and support these two funny friends of Earwolf!

And while crafting your letters of support, why not listen to Lennon and Jessica craft comedy gold on Comedy Bang! Bang! - Womp Up The Jamz!

Episode 60 - Marissa Wompler’s first appearance

Episode 92 - Marissa visits Boner Jamz dot com

Epsiode 116 - Womp It Up podcast

Episode 154 - Listler and Wompler

NBC seems like the worst network on TV. Actually, the Nielsen Scan system is the piece of garbage that makes stuff like this happen. If these idiots could figure out a way to count how many people watch these shows via Hulu or other means, maybe great shows like Best Friends Forever will have a chance to continue to be made. The fact of the matter is, CBS is number one because their demographic watches live television. Shows like Community, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, etc., are watched by younger adults via DVR (which I understand is worthless to ad execs) and/or Hulu/Netflix. And unfortunately, even if you do watch live television, it’s worthless to everyone unless you actually have a Nielsen system set up in your home. So, until someone figures out a more accurate way to calculate the number of people watching these shows, we’ll keep losing the shows we love.

And can I say that I love what the fans of Chuck did to save that show. They knew Subway was a sponsor and they went out of their way to buy Subway and tell them it was because of Chuck. When Subway saw an increase in sales, NBC saw a reason to keep the show until it was syndicated and written to have an ending. Maybe more shows should affiliate themselves with a particular sponsor and urge their fans to do the same. It could work for a little while anyway. Just like anything else, though, if you flood the market, people are going to have to pick and choose. I don’t know, I’m just spitballing out of frustration.  

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    You have got to be kidding me. Those NBC dipshits.
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    #SaveNBCBFF - you can also watch the interview they did for UCB Difference. They are amazing!
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    I’ve seen the first 4 episodes and honestly the show is great. It may be my favorite new comedy of the year. It would be...
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    Ugh, I seriously started watching Best Friends Forever LAST NIGHT!!! (before I knew it was on hiatus.) I know, I’m the...
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    SAVE THIS SHOW. I am so mad at @NBC right now.
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    NBC seems like the worst network on TV. Actually, the Nielsen Scan system is the piece of garbage that makes stuff like...
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    Currently marathoning Best Friends Forever in its entirety and I wholeheartedly agree. This is a fantastic show. Even my...
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    Podcast marathon. Cool Saturday.