In which I do the Ice Bucket Challenge. Sorta.

5 Seconds of Summer and One direction are staying at the hotel next door and all of these kids are hanging out outside of my office. There are more you can’t see in this pic, but yeah. #killmewithafedora

Hanging with my friend, Bo.


Obviously, I’m excited!

I think my fortune cookie is trying to hit on me.

Guy! Guys! GUYS! Sky. Scraper. #GetIt #DadJokes

How did I miss out on this meme???

So, this is what it looks like at work at 8:15 pm.

In a mood.

Shooting my own timelapse while shooting a timelapse for work.

I’ve got a triple #wcw all in one post! #booyah Bee tee dubs, if you’re not already, get up on @meginthedark’s music before the rest of the world does. That way when they do, you’ll be that much cooler, which is what we all want anyway right? I mean it’s freaking hot outside right now! And— oh yeah, that’s not what that means at all, and now I’m rambling and being silly. My mother warned me abiut this! Ahhhhh!!!!! *runs, hits wall, dead*

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New found Glory - Selfless


Daing and rice for daaaaaays!