From the man who brought us Avengers, Firefly, Buff— wait, why are we even explaining this on Tumblr?

You know who Joss Whedon is. But did you know he wrote and produced a supernatural romance directed by Brin Hill? It’s online and available to watch right this instant, thanks to Vimeo On Demand. 

I caught this film’s premiere this week at the Tribeca Film Festival and it was quite fantastic! A little jumpy in tone, but overall a very well done piece of filmmaking.

Afterwards, I talked a bit with Brin Hill and Zoe Kazan (and I about died of pure joy), and both were kind, cordial, wonderful people, Zoe especially. She was just the sweetest. Anyway, you have no reason not to watch this film. And in case you need some convincing, Zoe described it as, “Joss Whedon does Nicholas Sparks.”

Sad to head back to Chicago. Wish I had at least one more day. #TransitTracks #NYC #TFF2014 #BetterOff

But I don’t wanna leave New York! #TFF2014  (at Millenium Hilton)

Way better than Four Year Strong ever was. 

Living hard. #TFF2014

Kronenberg 1664 and some mushroom ravioli. (at Barbounia)

Duck Ramen and Calimari (at Zutto Japanese American Pub)

Deadline in a couple hours, and my laptop is garbage and can’t playback footage in 1/4 without me having to render it all. Someone hook a dude up with a newer, faster model, please. Also, I do see the irony of Sophia Loren looking as good as ever at 80 years old on my program monitor.

A slice of the Spaghetti and Meatball and a slice of the Lasagna. #LateNightEats #NYC (at Famous Ben’s Pizza)

More #Intramural shenanigans.  #TFF2014

The hilarious cast of “Intramural” getting crazy right in front of me. Beck Bennet, holy crap!

#BrooklynBridge, it’s been real.

Make believers losing touch. #NYC

Good morning, #NYC

… … … … Sorry, my heart just stopped for a bit. The beautiful, wonderful, amazingly talented Zoe Kazan, everyone! Also, she complimented my hair. Oh, and I introduced myself to Paul Dano on the way out of the theater. What is this life?! #TFF2014 #NYC #BESTDAYOFMYLIFE