I went to New York for 3 days back in April. This is what I did while I was there. For the most part.

Music by Ghost Beach.

This is going to be my view for the next day or two.

Guys, Andre the Giant’s mom is looking down at me while I pee in this Potbelly. (at Potbelly Sandwich Shop)

Seven months after the recording and five months after their break up, here’s a video I made of She’s Alive recording their last EP, “Glory Days.”

Rush hour.

Dat album closer doe. #AFireOnAHill #HitMeWithTheOhOhs #HandsLikeHouses

Digitizing some old DVDs at work and I came across an ad edited by @whitehousepost and I very much like their detailed artwork on this case.

Yep, I made a new best friend at work today. Everyone, meet Jack!

3,763 plays // Download?


The Smiths - There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

This is super frustrating.

New Dr. Manhattan?! Fuck yeah!

Listen/purchase: BOLO YODO by Drmanhattan

This person clearly makes worse life decisions than I do. #Ugh #killmewithafedora

The lunch view! (at Elephant & Castle: Wabash)

Left work a little early because why the hell not? I gave a presentation today and it went well, so I figure I can reward myself with some sunshine. (at Millennium Park)

I have no idea what’s happening here, but it looks super cool, haha.