Yep, I made a new best friend at work today. Everyone, meet Jack!

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The Smiths - There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

This is super frustrating.

New Dr. Manhattan?! Fuck yeah!

Listen/purchase: BOLO YODO by Drmanhattan

This person clearly makes worse life decisions than I do. #Ugh #killmewithafedora

The lunch view! (at Elephant & Castle: Wabash)

Left work a little early because why the hell not? I gave a presentation today and it went well, so I figure I can reward myself with some sunshine. (at Millennium Park)

I have no idea what’s happening here, but it looks super cool, haha.

This is absolutely beautiful, and I can’t wait to hear what else Andrew has been creating!

"I’ve been writing music most of my life. Songs have always been the place where I’ve sorted out the events of day. If you trace these songs back far enough they tell a story of where I’ve been and what I’ve seen along the way. That said, most people don’t have the time to sort through the hundreds of songs that have collected in the wake of my 20 plus years behind a piano, and that’s why I love "Cecilia and the Satellite". As a song it encapsulate so much living against the back drop of a new life. Cecilia was written with the knowledge that my wife and I would soon meet our first child. With the hope of avoiding territory this type of song often treads, I tried to create a road map of the life I had lived leading up to that moment. One my daughter might look back on some day. A strange life of constant motion, spent traveling in the pursuit of music. A life I’ve nearly lost on more than one occasion and one which I am thankful for, now more than ever. Deep down this song is about more than me and where I’ve been, it’s about more than my daughter and what I want for her. It’s about being proud of where you come from and wanting the most for the people you share your world with.

Keep an eye out for tour dates on Monday!”

This is my “Please hurry up and burn Mr. DVD so I can move on to better things oh god I need a new computer wtf why is this taking so long help me now keep it cool while at work” face.

Can’t wait to see Braid on Sunday! This music video is pretty awesome, too, by the way.

Car Chase from "The Raid 2"

Easily the craziest thing I’ve ever seen behind the scenes of making a movie.


OUR NEW ALBUM IS OUT TODAY! We are currently #62 on the iTunes alternative charts. Let’s get this to the top 10!!!!!!!

The link is there ^ so you have NO excuse. Now, go make your life 10x better by picking up this gem of an album and then spending the rest of 2014 ignoring anything else that comes out!

The lighting sucks, but this Cubano looks freaking deeeeeeeeelish! (at Dry Hop)