The evening commute.

Lil Dicky is killing it right now! And you know we’ve all had these conversations and arguments, haha.

This is the last song I listen to before the release of this album. Holy crap, I CANNOT wait!

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about this band this year and now that they are gearing up to release their Rise Records debut, I can see why. PVRIS (pronounced “Paris,” for the uninformed) may just steal what’s left of Versa’s thunder.

As always, I’m still very excited for a new Andrew McMahon project!

I love that Fall Out Boy is back and is consistently releasing great new music, but can I get on my editor soapbox for a second and talk about how awful the use of the new hyperlapse technology is in this video?

This has everything hyperlapse was NOT meant for when I first read about it being created. The point of it was to simply remove the shake/bounce of a camera when speeding up video. For example, videos depicting people doing action sports (rock climbing, mountain biking, etc.) are typically dull and don’t give you a great representation of the actual activity being done. The first instinct is to speed up the video to keep things moving and to keep the viewer engaged, but it’s too shaky and you don’t get a good sense of what’s happening visually. But with hyperlapse, all of the shake is removed and you get this nice, fluid motion in the video that is pleasing to the eye and entertaining to watch. For the most part, anyway. 

With the release of the new hyperlapse app (which is only available for Apple products, which is another gripe I have that I can talk about later), the whole technology is being bastardized by people who don’t really know how to use it, nor even what to use it for. And worse, it’s available for products that produce less than desirable video output.

Anyway, I was all excited to have this hyperlapse tech in something like Adobe Premiere, but now, so many people have their hands on a far inferior version of it that by the time it happens, no one is going to care/everyone will have seen it before, so it will no longer be a cool, innovative visual technique to use. Ugh.

Mastadon. (at Kuma’s Too)

This duck confit was magical! (at Black Pig)

Pound sign Go back in time Friday.

I am very excited for the release of these songs because it seems like Ace is finally having fun with music again, and we all know that is the best environment in which songs should be made. Wonderful stuff.

I’m so excited to hear what Rob and the guys have created!

Holy crap, I remember buying this record and really only listening to a couple tracks on it regularly knowing that these kids would figure it out on their next record, and boy did they not disappoint. But yeah, there were so many mornings I drove a full car to school, my friends and I belting the words to “Skylines and Turnstiles,” so it’s cool to see a bit of the process.

Also, side note of symmetry and coincidence, some friends of mine later recorded with John Naclerio. 

These still exist? Like, to purchase? And for $30?

In which I do the Ice Bucket Challenge. Sorta.